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EasyFIT is a freeware viewer for STL (stereo lithography) data sets, which additionally includes some useful CAD-operations.

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- Quick display of STL data sets

EasyFIT is capable of loading even large amounts of data, which are displayed via OpenGL hardware acceleration, in high speed. Loading time and memory usage easily undershoot those of most commercial solutions.

- Compression and data security

Easy FIT provides proprietary file formats, which compress your data sets to 10-20% of the original STL-file size - perfectly suitable for file transfers via internet. Strong encryption provides additional security.

- Triangle reduction

An extremely high amount of triangles poses visualization problems even to the most up-to-date hardware. Execution often takes too much time, and effective work is made difficult. EasyFIT provides a solution by enabling the number of triangles to be reduced. The display-time may well increase by 20-times. Furthermore, a compressed data set can be transferred faster via the world wide web.

- Project management

Open any number of parts simultaneously to add them to one project. In order to reach a preferably high packing density numerous tools are available - up to automatic collision detection. By means of the duplication tool, even a large amount of parts can be dealt with - with a minimum of memory consumption. Of course, the data can be exported any time as STL.

- Click to FIT - Integration

Via EasyFIT a offline price list is available for individualized parts for the first time. Communicate with us and implement your ideas straightforward with a few mouse clicks. The integrated online platform assists you with your important decisions and helps you reach your primary target: perfect products.

- Compact software and easy handling

The software comprehends only few MB in size, and does not require more than 5MB of disc space. It is intuitional and simple to handle - no more than five minutes are required to learn how to use all functions.

- Measuring equipment

Measure your component parts precisely and quickly.

Cuts and Slicing:

Create layer data out of your parts in breath-taking speed, even out of the largest amounts of data. Component part slices make analysis of geometry much easier.

Perspective view:

Experience your parts from a new perspective. EasyFIT lets you fly" interactively through different part arrangements.

- Freeware

EasyFIT is freeware! You are allowed to use it and also to distribute it freely, no matter if you are our client or not.


EasyFIT Installer 1,7 MB Convenient installation via few mouse clicks
Sample part: Skull in high resolution 5,6 MB An extreme trial for every STL viewer (800,000 polygons)
Sample part: Skull in reduced resolution 1,0 MB The same part in reduced form
Sample part: Body 0,6 MB the female body used in the samples of the helpfile

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